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Permaculture design for a chicken garden

On Saturday March 28th we'll present and discuss our permaculture solution design and how to setup a permaculture project.

On Sunday March 29th we'll work on the site and implement the permaculture design in the chicken garden.

One day costs 50 kuna (€ 7,50) for a good organic lunch
and maybe a donation: seeds or grains, a herb or last weeks green kitchen waste for the chickens compost heap.

The chicken garden project

Our chickens have a coop in the stable, with a save outdoor winter cage. In spring, summer and fall they can forage in their chicken garden. Yes: a garden especially for the chickens!

The chicken garden in 2014
The chicken garden in 2014

At the moment the chicken garden is an ugly part of the terrain.

Bogata Suma's vision is to create beauty through love, dedication and celebration. At the moment there is hardly any beauty in the chickens garden and that shows that there was no dedication. So there's nothing to celebrate.

It's time for a change!

The chicken garden should be a nice and natural area where the chickens can happily forage. The garden should also be good for their health. Herbs against mites and lice and vegetables for extra vitamins.
In this garden should grow at least half of their food.

There should be a compost solution, accessible for humans without getting (too) wet when it rains, and for chickens.

- Beautiful garden
- horizontal & safe paths, not slippery
- garden adds to the chicken's health (food & herbs)
- place to grow their food (corn & grains)
- safe from predators
- compost boxes with access for chickens
- solution for rabbits straw

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