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Bogata Suma permaculture farm in Croatia




Permaculture design in practise

Monday June 27th - Friday July 1st
08:00 - 13:00 at Bogata Suma, Zivkovic Kosa 11, Vojnic, Croatia
Camping spot and 3 meals a day included
Costs: € 250,- or 1875,- kuna

In this permaculture design week you will design for your own life. You can see and experience what permacuture can do for you, for your life and for your livingspace.

Permaculture, principles, using them in your life.
World problems, food miles, cradle to grave, self reliance
Site survey, microclimates, wind, sun, zones, patterns
Water, harvesting, managing, cleaning
Soil, erosion, nurturing, nitrogen, mulch, gardening
Animals & wildlife functions, habitats

In the afternoons you have time for yourself or you can go swimming in the river Korana.

We're working on the final program, which will be published here and on Facebook.

When & where
Monday June 27th - Friday July 1st
08:00 - 13:00 at Bogata Suma, Zivkovic Kosa 11, Vojnic, Croatia

Barbara Scheltus - van den Berg (1973), PDC certificate from Rosemary Morrow, has been working with permaculture since 2007
Peter Scheltus (1959) is a personal development trainer and has been interested in permaculture since 2009

Bogata Suma ("Rich Forest") is the name of our eco initiative that we started in 2007.
We have been living there since summer 2009 and developed our house and terrain with permaculture principles.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. The meals are vegetarian, but sometimes we serve optional home grown meat as a side dish.
All food is organic and almost everything comes from our land.

If you don't have a tent or don't want to camp, you can rent an air bed in our tent or rent a room in the house. We have 1 single room and 2 double rooms with options for an extra bed.

€ 200,- or 1500,- kuna for the week's course

€ 0,- per night if you bring your own camping stuff
€ 15,- for the single private room per night (only 1 available)
€ 12,- for a bed in a double room per night (5 beds available)
€ 7,50 for an air mattress in a tent (3 available)

or call +385 (0)95 5555 677


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