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Bogata Suma permaculture farm in Croatia




Workshop working with wool

10:00 - 16:00 Bogata Suma, Zivkovic Kosa 11, Vojnic, Croatia

In Croatia a lot of farmers are happy to give you their sheepwool because they don't know what to do with it. But we do!!!

In the wool workshop you will definitely fall in love with wool, like I did some years ago. It is such a great multi purpose material!
You can make clothes, scarves, socks, toys or decorations with it, insulate your house or your shoes with it, put it in the bottom of your raised garden bed and use the grease for great hand creams.


You will get an idea of the whole shebang, from sheep to sweater. We will:
- pick grass & seeds from raw sheepwool (right from the sheep!),
- clean it gently & let it to the the sun & wind to dry,
- card it to get all hair straight,
- spin it into yarn with a drop spindle,
- get the idea of weaving, knitting, crocheting, making ropes,
- felt the wool with soft soap and a loving massage into someting nice,
- needlefelt it (with special fish hook felting needles) into something nice.

Spinning wool with a drop spindle Making thread with sheepwool Knitting sheepwool Breivork

Including tea, cookies & a fresh organic lunch from our garden, and wool for your project.
Price: 250,- kuna

or call +385 (0)95 5555 677

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Wool workshop at Bogata Suma

Sheep in the snow

Combing wool

Products made with sheep wool



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