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Bogata Suma permaculture farm in Croatia




Camping in nature, in our 'rich forest'!

Campsite Bogata Suma (Croatian for 'rich forest') has only a few big spots because we love to give you a great experience in nature.

You can camp with us all year round.
In winter it can be soft (15 degrees in December) or white (snow mostly in January). In this time of the year you have beautifull views.
Sleeping in a tent is nice from the second half of April until the end of October.

Permaculture camp site

Our terrain (8 hectares) is designed with permaculture principles. For us, permaculture (permanent agriculture) is an harmonious integration of design and ecology.

We design edible landscapes, so you can be sure to get enough vitamins during your stay with us!

If you are interested in seeing permaculture in action, real life examples of how permaculture can be a solution for nowadays problems, you are welcome to our guided tour!

Eco camp ground

We do our best to live in harmony with nature.

Anything decomposable goes to the chickens. If you like, you can give your fruit and vegetable peels to the rabbits.
The compost is later used in the garden to grow our food.

Your empty jars and bottles we reuse for our own jams and wines, or to store grains, seeds and nuts.

Your paper waste we can use to make pressed "paper bricks", that burn up to 2 hours in our stove!

Camping costs

Persons € 5,- per night
Tent/caravan € 6,00 per night
Camper € 7,50 per night
Car/motorcycle € 2,50 per night
Extra (small) tent € 2,50 per night
Electricity € 2,50 per night
Meal with the family € 10,00 per person
Fresh egg (XL, free range) € 0,25  
Organic fruits or vegetables day price depending


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Camping in nature
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