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You are welcome at Bogata Suma ("Rich forest"), our initiative in nature. We left citylife in The Netherlands to live on our organic smallholding (8 hectares) on the top of a hill, inland Croatia, with forests all around. The next village (Vojnic) with WiFi is a 45 minutes walk.

Bogata Suma is a start-up project and has all the aspects you can expect of something starting. Construction work going on, materials lying all around, messiness, jungle, many ideas... and slowly we develop ourselves and our terrain.

"Your way of life is an inspiration for me. The simplicity of it and the passion in it."
Jessica Clinton, New York >> more

As a volunteer we expect you to be part of our family and daily routines. That includes preparing meals, setting the table, doing the dishes, cleaning et cetera.

The kind of work and the time we get up, are depending on the season. We work between 6 and 8 hours a day.

Usually we start the day in the garden with weeding, sowing, planting and harvesting the meal of the day. When we’re done in the garden, we work on a job from our list, depending on our priorities and your interests and skills and what you want to learn. It could involve woodworking, wood-construction work, maintaining the terrain, working in the forest garden or in the orchard, or more garden work.

Personal development and learning in the crafts area is special interest of Peter. Creative construction with various materials is possible.
Barbara can teach you a lot about permaculture and organic gardening, companion planting, her experiments with gardening with the moon calender, composting, solar drying, making wine from various fruits, liqueur, various jams or anything else from our harvest, working with wool...

Please tell us about your skills and desires. What do you want to learn from us?

>> contact us about the possibilities


"A million times thank you for welcoming me into your family and beautiful home. I couldn't have askes for a better WWOOF experience. Your vision is amazing, your rich forest warmed my heart. Thank you for all the delicious meals, amazing conversations, laughter and all the ideas I am taking with me."
Carol Bergson, United States of America >> more


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