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Bogata Suma permaculture farm in Croatia


Bogata Suma, Rich Forest

The name "Bogata Ĺ uma" was one of many that we came up with in the kitchen of our neighbor Boja Mrdjenovic. We drank local sljivovic while brainstorming. Eventually a lawyer determined that this was the only name legally acceptable for Croatia's funny laws.

Our land on the top of the hill is surrounded by beautifull forests. Two pieces on our terrain are dedicated as (edible) forest garden, which are rich providers of our fruits and vegetables.

Logo Bogata SumaThe colors of Bogata Suma are Ferrari-red and Classical British Racing green. Full speed ahead back to a green future. Or as fast as a Boga-tree.

The massive trunk supports those reaching for the sky. The trunk is supported by roots connecting to the earth. The space between the roots refer to our values. Bogata Suma creates beautiful things through creativity, dedication and fun.

Spaces between the roots are about any initiative going through beginning, middle and end. Or the three steps from pupil, apprentice to master. Where we feel master of ourselves and all our initiatives.

Masters make mistakes too. The way they handle mistakes is what makes them masters. It also means knowing our limits.Our project certainly strains this sense. Oomph. Still interested?

Eco can be fun too.


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