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Courses & activities at Bogata Suma

You can also hire Bogata Suma as a venue for your own event!

Individual permaculture tour
If you are curious about what we are doing here, what we have built and how our beautiful land looks, you can visit us on an open farm day or by appointment. You will get a guided tour for € 5,- per person.
In the tour you will see the vegetable park, the food savannah and the food forest, the polyculture nut orchard and you can learn about our permaculture solutions.
Please mail or call Barbara for an appointment.

Courses and workshops 2021

Monday 16 August - Sunday 29 August 2021
Practical permaculture program at Bogata Šuma, Croatia
This course will teach you "all" about permaculture. In this 2 week intensive program you will learn about practical permaculture in real life. How to design your land and how to design your life with permaculture ethics (earth care, people care and fair share or future care) and principles as decision making tools, and how to implement techniques.

In these 2 weeks we will not only talk about these subjects, but also DO things. After the 2 weeks you will have a design for your vegetable growing space, and a design for a part of your life. You'll have tools to read the landscape and some knowledge about natural building techniques. You'll learn about soil, composting techniques, water and how to setup an ecological garden.

It is all inclusive so you'll get a comfortable bed and 3 meals a day plus tea breaks.

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Permaculture garden

How to setup a permaculture garden

Friday 10 - Sunday 12 September 2021 at Bogata Šuma, Croatia
with Barbara Scheltus

How can you setup a garden that is not so much work? What techniques will save your back

Bring a map or a sketch of your garden so you can work on a design for next year!

Friday 17 - Sunday 19 September 2021 at Bogata Suma, Croatia
Including breakfast, lunch & dinner, tea & cookies and a camping spot on our terrain.
A bed (4 available) in a 2-persons room is € 25,- extra per person.
Entrance: 940 kuna / € 125,-
More information: contact or call 095-5555677

Social permaculture design

Second half of September - Social permaculture and Peace
At permaculture farm Nesto vise near Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina.


Are you interested in one of these workshops on a different date, please contact


Past workshops:

Cultural Emergence Effective Design course, with Looby Macnamara
Fermenting: how to make wine, kombucha, kefir, kimchi, yoghurt & sourdough bread
Setting up an organic garden
Permaculture at Bogata Suma
Permaculture & Forest garden design weekend
Foraging and processing herbs
Sourdough bread and raw sheepwool
permaculture design chicken garden
Keeping happy healthy animals for organic meat
Self sufficiency weekend

"I learned much here and I hope I have taught you all a thing or two as well. One day I'll come back, also for the Bukovica festival, and you can be sure I'll be asking you too many questions again."
Colin Drake, United States of America

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