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Bogata Suma permaculture farm in Croatia


Courses & activities at Bogata Suma

You can also hire Bogata Suma as a venue for your event!

Storing and labeling herbs

Herbal health / witches workshop

Saturday 31 October 2020 at Bogata Suma, Croatia
with Barbara Scheltus

In this Haloween full moon workshop we will pick, dry and process herbs for medicinal use, make a herbal tea, a tincture and a herbal oil.

We will go foraging and drying wild herbs, and we will make teas, oils and tinctures. You can mix a herbal tea for yourself or a friend, we will make a tincture and I will show you how you can easily make your own hand cream.

At the end of the day you know about the good properties of herbs and how you can use them for your health.

You will go home with:
- knowledge of when & how to pick, dry, process and store (wild) herbs,
- 25gr your personal herbal tea (perfect for your body),
- 20ml tincture of your choice

Entrance: 100 kuna or some home made products
More information: contact or call 095-5555677

Kombucha bottled

Ferment your food

Saturday 4 July 2020 at Bogata Suma, Croatia

Fermented foods and drinks not oly have a great taste; they are a boost for your health!

Store bought yoghurt doesn't have half as many probiotics as home made yoghurt. Same for sauerkraut*, kimchi**, turshya***, kefir****, kombucha*****...
And making it yourself is actually quite easy. All you need, you probably already have in your kitchen. (knife, jar, salt)

* Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage. With fermenting red cabbage you also bring in anti oxidants!
** Kimchi is the Korean variety, with red hot chili pepper, onion, garlic and ginger.
*** Turshia is the Eastern European name for various fermented vegetables.
**** Kefir can be made with water and sugar (for refreshing waterkefir), or milk (the kefir you can get in shops).
***** Kombucha is a fizzy sweet & sour drink, made of fermented black tea

In this workshop we will show you how easy it is to ferment vegetables or drinks at home. you know how to make all this yourself, and what supplies you need. You will get the special needs, like a "scoby" for kombucha and "tibicos" for waterkefir.

The workshop includes tea, cookies & a fresh organic lunch from our garden, a scoby and enough tibicos for a liter of water kefir.

Entrance: 100 kuna or some home made products
More information: contact or call 095-5555677


Social permaculture design

Practical permaculture in your life

Saturday 12 September 2020 at Bogata Suma, Croatia
with Barbara Scheltus

How do you do permaculture? How do you use ecologically based techniques to build a sustainable, regenerative landscape or life? How can permaculture ethics and principles help us to make sustainable changes to our lives? How to create a healthier and happier ecosystem for a peaceful, connective life and a positive, regenerative future?

This will be a day about designing and implementing permaculture ethics and principles in everyday's life. Conscious design and action, even for city people!
You will leave the workshop with a personal design to improve your life.

We will use Looby Macnamara's Design Web, with a nice balance between theory and practise. Her Design Web is an effective toolkit that translates the use of permaculture ethics & principles, and helps you design for people based systems.

Bogata Suma is a permaculture venue and camp ground where you can enjoy a permaculture holiday in Croatia's pure nature. For this workshop you can bring your own tent if you travel from far.

Saturday 12 September 2020, 10:00 - 16:00 at Bogata Suma, Croatia
Including tea, coffee, cookies and a lunch break
Entrance: 150 kuna / € 25,- or some home made products
More information: contact or call 095-5555677


Open farm day - what is Bogata Suma? Permaculture in practise

Sunday 4 October 2020 at Bogata Suma, Croatia
Would you like to live a rich, self sufficient life in the countryside too? Curious how to setup a permaculture homestead? How to create a sustainable life with multiple income streams and live of the land?

Come, see and enjoy our simple but rich life in the countryside. How we work with permaculture ethics, principles and designs, and live a life that can be enjoyed for 7 generations in the future!

Bring your seeds/seedlings/plants/jams/ajvar/syrup/other home made stuff so we can swap!
For sale or swap on this day: organic seeds, herbs, vegetables, kombucha SCOBY, waterkefir, tinctures, herbal teas and more.


12:00 Welcome
13:00 Guided tour over the terrain
14:00 organic lunch available for 75,- kuna per person
16:00 end of the day

Bogata Suma
Zivkovic Kosa 11, 47220 Vojnic
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Past workshops:

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"I learned much here and I hope I have taught you all a thing or two as well. One day I'll come back, also for the Bukovica festival, and you can be sure I'll be asking you too many questions again."
Colin Drake, United States of America


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