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Modeling, sculpting and painting in nature

21 - 25 August 2023 with Jeroen Spijker

Creative course painting and sculpting

Drawing in nature



This creative course (for beginners and advanced) teaches you new techniques and views on your artwork. It can be a nice start in modeling or sculpting, and it's definitely a nice atmosphere for outdoor creativity.
Work on your own art in a nice, creative atmosphere in Croatia's rich nature. Facilitator Jeroen Spijker helps you to make the next step with oil paint, aquarel, drawing, modeling and/or sculpting.

Find your own spot in Bogata Suma's edible landscape to work on your own art project. Jeroen Spijker facilitates the artistic guidance and advices next step(s). You can make steps to more abstract work, or work more figurative or intuitive.
The guidance is individually focused and on demand, so you can indicate yourself how far you want to go.

You can choose to deepen your techniques in sculpting, modeling or painting, or a combination of techniques. In the second half of the week you can change materials or techniques.

The result: usually people make two clay figurines, one or two paintings, or a stone sculpture in a week.

Bring your own tools and materials, and pictures (from all angles) of your subject(s) as an example.
We could buy materials for you here in Croatia, if bringing your own is a logistic problem. Contact us about your wishes.

About Jeroen Spijker

Jeroen Spijker (The Netherlands, 16-06-1967) is a sculptor and general artist. He made busts, portraits and statues for the Dutch king Willem-Alexander, other royal family members and famous Dutch writers, actors and politicians.
Spijker studied art history and made study trips to Italy and France. He is educated by famous Dutch sculptors and his theoretical basis comes from the University of Leiden.
Jeroen Spijker is an art teacher in various schools and institutes, like Webster University and Leiden University of Applied Sciences.

Course dates

Monday 21 - Friday 25 August
Morning and afternoon sessions on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
Wednesday: free time.

Facilitator: Jeroen Spijker



€ 757,50 per person for the course and camping,
€ 770,- per person for participants who need a (shared) room
€ 920,- for the course and staying in the shepherd's hut.

Course fee, daily breakfast, tea break, lunch and dinner

Extra drinks and your materials are not included. Bring your own materials and tools.

Arriving earlier and/or staying longer is possible as a paying guest.

Extra family members can camp with you for € 7,50 p.p.p.d.
Extra family members can have dinner with us for € 15,- p.p.

Contact us for more information: barbara@bogatasuma.eu

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