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Food "savannah"

Between the garden and the branches wall we had a sloping field of 15x30 meters. This grassland is turned into a food savannah. Pictures: see below.

What is a food savannah!?

A savannah is a grassland with scattered shrubs and trees in an area that is too dry to grow a forest. Like next to a desert.
Of course our continental climate rainy area can not host a real savannah, but since I don't think we can call it a food forest (yet), I like to call it a "food savannah".

Our food savanna is a grassland with scattered berry shrubs. Elderberries, red currants, gooseberries, blueberries, aronia...
The branches wall on the east side hosts insects and butterflies and gives grip to sunflowers, topinambour, raspberries and Japanese wineberry shrubs.

What is a food forest!?

A food forest is a human designed eco system that grows food. As in a forest, there are several layers growing together in a "3D system". Like grape or hop vines climbing in high trees, berry shrubs growing under them, herbs in between everything and thyme as a useful ground cover.
>> More about our food forest

Permaculture design food savannah

Current map of the food savannah
Current map of the food savannah

How we want the paths in the food savannah
Map of the (future) paths in the food savannah

Pictures of our food savannah

Food savannah when we build the new fence

Food savannah early spring

Berries in the food savannah

Food savannah in summer

Strawberry beds in the food savannah

The path in the food savannah


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