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Permaculture designs Bogata Suma

Barbara Scheltus created many permaculture designs for our life and our land. She is being mentored on her Permaculture Diploma pathway by Looby Macnamara and Delvin Solkinson and plans to be finished in spring 2024.

Permaculture pathway design

My personal Action Learning Pathway design for a Permaculture Diploma, for becoming an experienced designer and a resourceful facilitator.

Permaculture design for Bogata Šuma

Overall design about our life and our land. It links to al other land-based designs:

Growing a village

Design about starting a sustainable, self sufficient village where young and old can live together in harmony with nature.
How can we set a positive, including culture in our community with a diversity of people. This design is a co-production of my family, about living with vision and values and helpful routines.

Our ultimate home

Design for the ultimate passive family home that uses Nature's elements in a positive way and how to get our household in a flow.
A family co-production.

Design for self sufficiency

This design for resilience is made for 100% self reliance for our family. Not necessarily realistic; we are not (yet) willing to live without coffee, chocolate, bananas and our car.

Nut farm design

About how and why to setup our polyculture nut orchard as an income and protein stream for the future.

Natural greywater cleaning swim pond design

About how and where we can make a natural pond that filters our greywater and gives us a nice spot to swim.

Forest garden and food savannah design

An extensive design about our edible landscape and fruit park. Is still a bit behind the facts because Nature is faster than our writings...

A garden for the chickens

How to keep our chickens healthy and happy and more self-reliant. Chickens do much more damage than you can think of; the design keeps needing adjustments.

Mindmap of How to be the best version of meME

Personal permaculture design about how to be the best version of me.

Speak fluent Croatian design

A personal permaculture design about how to learn better Croatian. About learning styles and creative solutions.

My unfashionable minimalistic capsule wardrobe

A social permaculture design about how to dress myself better with just a few good pieces that match together and can be repaired.

When we started developing our terrain in 2009, we used permaculture principles to design our property. We had a year of observing the terrain and developing our vision:

A self sufficient, sustainable, beautiful and abundant life in harmony with nature


map of our terrain

Permaculture design 01: map current terrain Bogata Suma Croatia


Now our vision is to grow a village and live a self-sufficient, sustainable, beautiful and abundant life with others.


Instagram   Facebook   YouTube   e-mail info@bogatasuma.eu   Call +385 95 5555677  Website in Dutch language NL   Hrvatski HR

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