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Pictures terrain Bogata Suma

Map of our terrain
Map of the most used part of our terrain. There is more field (north and north-west) and many more forests (north, west and 2 seperate hectares south)

Bogata Suma's terrain
The terrain in front of the house with the cherry tree in full blossom!

Bogata Suma's terrain
The plum orchard blossoming

Bogata Suma's terrain
The plum orchard in summer. The trees are mulched with the grasses and wild flowers that grow here.

Bogata Suma's terrain
Entrance to the field

Bogata Suma's terrain
On the left the border of our terrain with the road, on the right the trees that are the entrance to 2 more hectares of forrest.
The light spot at the foot of these trees are our terraces. This was a small (20 metres wide) and very steep terrain. We made terraces so we can grow things in this south facing microclimate.

Bogata Suma's terrain
Terraces close up.

Bogata Suma's terrain

Bogata Suma's terrain

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