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Bogata Suma permaculture farm in Croatia


Edible fence

Our edible fence is a wall of branches with thorny fruits growing in and over it. The branches are cuttings from pruning (we don't like to burn this beautiful material) that build up the wall during winter time. In spring, berry bushes like blackberries, raspberries, gooseberries and Japanese wineberries grow over the branches wall.

On the south side of the wall we have the little orchard, on the north & east side of the wall is a more wild piece of terrain, with waving grasses and wild flowers, deer and swines.


On some spots in the living fence (orchard side), we created south facing areas as a small micro climate zone.
In that zones we grow peach trees, nectarines and figs.

The design of our edible fence
The design on paper

Edible fence with micro climates
The first version of the fence (in 2012)

The old edible fence in the front while Mile worked on the new versionIn the front you see the old (messy) fence, in the back you see Mile working on the new version.

Courtney working on the new fence - Jack in the front
Mile and Courtney working on the new fence

Courtney working on the new fence - Jack in the front The new, not-messy fence! Now we need to grow raspberries, blackberries and Japanese wineberries over it to make it edible again.

Courtney working on the new fence - Jack in the front
Isidro making the finishing touch on the new edible fence.


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