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Bogata Suma permaculture farm in Croatia


Venue in nature in central Croatia

You can hire Bogata Suma as a venue for your event. We host groups up to 30 people under roofs (and bigger groups out in the open).

We can also cater your event with delicious, healthy, colorful food and drinks from our garden and terrain. From home made cookies to entire grand dinners, vegetarian or with (organic, home grown, respectfully butchered) meat.
> More about our catering service

We can accommodate people in rooms, a vintage camper or a gypsy wagon on our terrain, and with friends in the area. If your guests bring their own camping gear, we can accommodate the entire group in a private, natural setting. Campfire allowed!

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One-day groups

Day visitors can use our toilet facilities and the terrain. We serve coffee, tea, home made herbal teas and cookies.
A delicious soup at the end of the day is also possible.

> More about our catering service

More days

If your group stays more days, we can provide a private area for camping on our terrain.
It is also possible to rent rooms. We have 11 beds on our terrain, 4 at the neighbours, 14 + 18 persons in short distance (5-10km) in the area. Contact us for the possibilities.

Full or partial catering are both possible. We can serve breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets or served plates. Cookies, pies and soups as a snack. Coffee, tea, herbal teas, water kefir, kombucha drink...
All ingredients are locally grown and made with love. > More about the food

Contact us about the possibilities.

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