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Volunteering on our self sufficient permaculture homestead in these green hills in the heart of Croatia

Here at Bogata Šuma we love to host people from all over the world! It brings us inspiration, new ideas and insights, first hand views on international politics, new games or recipes, a rhythm in our day and fun for us and our kids.

At the moment however, we're only hosting CHEFS and WOOD WORKERS to help us with specific fun tasks.

From spring 2022 we will host other people again, after they did our introduction week. This introduction course is all about:
- learning about a self sufficient life in harmony with nature,
- permaculture solutions and how they work in practice,
- how you can use permaculture design methods for setting up your own sustainable life

>> More about our program below

Learn about permaculture and design in our practical permaculture program for sustainable living

Volunteer work on a permaculture farm in Croatia

Help Peter with constructing cool stuff like a gypsy wagon and furniture

Try out living your dreams

Cook and grow delicious organic food and help Nol (17) to become a chef

Permaculture workshops and craft workshops in nature

If you are a chef, please send us an email with your experience and how you can inspire and help to homeschool our 17 year old son Nol.

If you know your way around with wood and/or construction, Peter would be happy with your help to construct fun stuff. Things like a new gypsy wagon, a solar panel-outdoor kitchen roof, a reciprocal roof, furniture, animal housing... Please email us and tell us about your experience!

As a chef or wood worker we provide you with a comfortable bed and 3 (organic, healthy AND delicious) meals a day.
You work 5 hours a day, 5 days a week, in a small team or alone with Peter. Weekends are off.

For people that want to learn about permaculture, self sufficiency and a sustainable lifestyle, we developed a special program.

> Apply for a spot in this Sustainable living program

Sustainable living program

The first week of your stay is an intensive and paid program to learn about practical permaculture in real life. How did we design our land and our life with permaculture ethics (earth care, people care and fair share or future care) and principles as decision making tools.

In this week you will get an overview of what is permaculture and a sustainable life and how do we do that here at Bogata Šuma. We'll speak about how we setup our homestead, how we grow towards self sufficiency and how we designed our place.

This week is a mandatory introduction week for general volunteers. It will be held a few times a year, when we have openings for volunteering:

Monday 28 March - Sat. 2 April 2022 or

Monday 2 - Saturday 7 May 2022 or

Monday 6 - Saturday 11 June 2022 or

Monday 12 - Saturday 17 September 2022

Venue: permaculture farm Bogata Šuma, Vojnic, Croatia
Costs: € 70,- per person including 3 meals a day and a bed or camping spot.

If you are coming together, please both apply separately.

Yes I want to come!

More information only by e-mail:


Hunting bugs with chickens
Using a chicken in the garden to catch caterpillars

David Holmgren's permaculture flower

Volunteering in Croatia Volunteering in Croatia

volunteering on a permaculture farm volunteering on a permaculture farm

Volunteering in Croatia volunteering on a permaculture farm

Volunteering in Croatia volunteering on a permaculture farm

Volunteering in Croatia volunteering on a permaculture farm

>> More pictures with volunteers

"Nearly never leaving and having a daily party because of it, the place keeps you there despite planning other things. Building a roof together & you being the most gracious and generous hosts I could wish for. You are brilliant examples of how to live well."

Hannah Hunter, Canada >> more

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